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The Charm of Sunpalace Kyu you kan

Centrally located in the Kumoji area, just steps away from Kokusai Dori Street. By Yui Rail or by car, we’re just 15 minutes away from the airport. A great location for sightseeing and pleasure; on foot, we’re just 1 minute away from Kencho-mae Station, 3 minutes from Kokusai Dori Street, and just 10 minutes from Matsuyama and other entertainment districts. For your trip to Naha for pleasure or business, we await you at Hotel Sunpalace.

Guest rooms

Accommodation of up to five guests.Choose from 9 types of rooms according to your budget and purpose.
All our guest rooms are designed with consideration to the environment and good health of our guests. In addition, our rooms are decorated with framed pictures and furnishings to present the Okinawan culture to our guests. We also await you with comfortable beddings for a restful night’s sleep.


Premium Twin【Capacity: 3 Guests】

Our Hotel’s best guest room with balcony offers an Okinawan style LOHAS. A comfortable, 45㎡ sized semi-double bed. The ceiling above the bed is lowered to offer a cozier atmosphere for better sleep.


Deluxe Japanese/Western Room【Capacity: 4 Guests】

The tatami room is laid with Ryukyuan Tatami mats.
The lattice that separates the tatami mat and western-style rooms adds sophistication to the guest room.
Our guests are delighted with our attention to detail, such as the vanity.


Japanese/Western Room【Capacity: 5 Guests】

We offer guest rooms with both western style and tatami rooms; a type of guest room that is rare within the city. Comes with 1200×2000 semi-double bed.

ツインルームC モデレート【定員1~4名】

Twin Room C Moderate 【Capacity: 4 Guests】

A comfortable, 34㎡ sized semi-double bed.
A full and satisfying space with a living room set. Available for a group of three guests, using a cot.

ツインルームB スタンダード【定員1~3名】

Twin Room B Standard 【Capacity: 3 Guests】

A standard twin. Satisfaction also from the guest rooms, as well as from the rate. A comfortable, 27㎡ size. Spacious enough for 3 guests.

ツインルームA コンパクト【定員1~2名】

Twin Room A Compact 【Capacity: 2 Guests】

A smaller twin, with 20㎡ size.There are two single beds, 1000x2000 in size. The size allows for lower rates.


Single B 【Capacity: 2 Guests】

A perfect 20㎡ size for business or a solo trip. The bed is a 1200×2000 semi-double. Available with LAN for free internet connection.


Single A 【Capacity: 1 Guests】

Perfect for business or single travelers.
The 17㎡ size is lightly larger than a regular single room in common business hotels. The bed is a 1200×2000 semi-double.

booking.com tel+(81)988634181

Floor Information


Front Desk・Lobby
The Front/Lobby is a spacious area, and our staff are available 24 hours to serve your needs.
Free Space・PC
Designed for our guests to feel at home in an unfamiliar place and to ask for any assistance when they need it. At the Free Space on the 1st Floor is a coffee machine, offering coffee for ¥120 a cup. Also equipped with PC for your use.
Yoshizaki Shokudo
From Okinawan dishes with local ingredients to delicious home-cooking, the Yoshizaki Shokudo offers a great variety of tastes.
Waryu Kaiseki 「Kyuyou」
The Waryu Kaiseki Kyuyou offers meals and spaces for meetings and conferences, banquets, and other social gatherings.
Garden Terrace
A relaxing area surrounded by greenery; vegetables offered at the Hotel are also grown here.
Also equipped with coin-operated laundry, laundry lines, washing area for diving equipments, etc.


Guest rooms
Single A/Single B/Twin Room A Compact/Twin Room B Standard/Twin Room C Moderate/Japanese&Western Room/Deluxe Japanese&Western Room/Premium Twin


Coin-Operated Laundry Detergent on sale at Front Desk
Drying Area
Roof Garden
Garden Terrace
Vending Machines


Large Conference Room  Mid-Sized Conference Room  Small Conference Room  Banquet Room


Front Desk
Lobby・Free Space
Yoshizaki Shokudo
Parking: ¥1000/night  (First-come basis)

Our Special Breakfasts


Breakfast is a source of your day’s energy, vitality and happiness!
Every morning, the hostess procures ingredients to prepare a delicious breakfast for our guests. Our breakfasts are prepared in a home-cooked style, bringing you a feeling of nostalgia even with the dishes you’ve never tasted before. The dishes are prepared with love, and many of our guests feel they’ve found a second home with the wonderful dishes prepared with tastes of home. The dishes are simple, but our breakfasts will bring you energy, vitality and happiness.

Breakfast hours 6:00 - 9:00

booking.com tel+(81)988634181

Our satisfying guest rooms and services


Environmentally friendly guest rooms
Our floors are linoleum, made of recycled materials. The walls are coated with color wax which is a type of coating that prevents sick-house syndrome.
Large desk, TV, VOD, Free internet connection, Equipped with LAN cable, All rooms with bidet toilets, Hair dryer, Plants for comfort, Amenities are: Toothbrush, Hairbrush, Cotton swabs, Cotton, Shaver, Body sponge, Cup(s), Shampoo, Conditioner, Body shampoo, Hand soap , Packaging is also environmentally friendly
Bottled water offered for each of the guests.
Please help yourself. Bottled water offered every day for each of the guests.
Free rentals of Kariyushi Wear shirts
Feel free to use the Kariyushi Wears offered for children and adults. We have a lineup of shirts in a wide variety of colors and sizes.
For every outing, take advantage of the free rentals. Available for your convenience and comfort, a great way to avoid the hassle of doing the laundry. A special service that you will surely enjoy.


Credit cards are accepted for accommodation payments.
More convenience with the Umisora Tunnel’s opening to traffic.
The Umisora Tunnel connects the airport to Wakasa. Convenient access to the inner city in only a minute from the airport. Recommended when coming to our Hotel.
For our guests arriving by car
Approximately 15 minute from the airport via Route 58.
Route 331 or north on Route 332
Northbound on Route 58
Right turn at Kumoji Intersection
Just before Onari Bashi Bridge
Left turn at Family Mart
Building along Kumoji River.

※Parking at rear of the building
Please ask the Front Desk for details
¥1000/night,  (first-come basis)
For our guests arriving by Yui Rail
Get on the Shuri-bound train from Naha Kuko Station
¥260 Adult
¥130 Child
Travel time: 12 minutes
Get off at Kencho-mae Station
(as of August 2017)
booking.com tel+(81)988634181
2-5-1, Kumoji, Naha-shi, Okinawa, 900-0015, Japan
TEL: +(81)98 863 4181   FAX:+(81)98 861 1313